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With over 335 whiskies from around the world, 221 Main has one of the largest whiskey collections in the state of Michigan. Bourbon, rye, Scotch, Irish, Canadian, Japanese and more - all of our whiskies are available by the ounce. So feel free to try something new, or even create your own flight, as you travel through the wonderful world of whiskey!


Rare & Allocated

221's Infinity Blend
Angel's Envy cask strength
Blanton's Straight from the Barrel

Caribou Crossing
Colonel E.H. Taylor Barrel Proof
Colonel E.H. Taylor Single Barrel
Elijah Craig Barrel Proof
Elijah Craig Private Selection, single barrel, barrel proof
Elijah Craig 18-Year
Elmer T Lee
George T Stagg (2020)
Hancock's President'e Reserve
High West Midwinter Night's Dram
Kentucky Owl Confiscated
Rock Hill Farms
Thomas H Handy Sazerac Rye (2020)
Van Winkle - Old Rip 10-Year
Van Winkle - Special Reserve 12-Year
Van Winkle - Pappy Van Winkle 15-Year
William Larue Weller (2019)
Weller Special Reserve
Weller Antique 107
Weller Full Proof
Weller 12-Year
Wild Turkey Master's Keep 17-Year


Aberfeldy 12-Year
Aberlour 12-Year
Aberlour 16-Year
AnCnoc 12-Year
Ardbeg 10-Year
Ardbeg Corryvreckan
Ardbeg 5-Year Wee Beastie
Auchentoshan American Oak
Auchentoshan 12-Year
The Balvenie 12-Year Doublewood
The Balvenie 14-Year Caribbean Cask
The Balvenie The Sweet Toast of American Oak
The Balvenie 14-Year Peat Week (2003)
The Balvenie 16-Year French Oak
The Balvenie 21-Year Portwood

BenRiach 10-Year
Bowmore 12-Year
Bowmore 15-Year
Bruichladdich Port Charlotte (2014)
Bruichladdich Islay Barley
Bunnahabhain 12-Year
Caol Ila 12-Year
Cardhu 12-Year
Chivas Regal 12-Year
Chivas Regal 18-Year
Compass Box - Artist's Blend
Compass Box - Oak Cross
Compass Box - Peat Monster
Compass Box - Spice Tree
Craigellachie 13-Year
The Dalmore 12-Year
Dalwhinnie 15-Year
Dewar's White Label
Dewar's 12-Year
Dewar's 15-Year
Dewar's 18-Year
Dewar's Signature
Famous Grouse
GlenDronach 12-Year
Glenfiddich 12-Year
Glenfiddich 14-Year
Glenfiddich 15-Year
Glenfiddich 18-Year
Glenfiddich The Original
GlenGrant 15-Year
Glenkinchie 12-Year
Glenlivet 12-Year
Glenmorangie Original 10-Year
Glenmorangie 12-Year La Santa
Glenmorangie 12-Year Nectar D'or
Glenmorangie 14-Year Quinta Ruban
Glenmorangie 18-Year Extremely Rare
Highland Park 12-Year
Highland Park 18-Year
John Barr Reserve
Johnnie Walker Red Label
Johnnie Walker Black Label
Johnnie Walker Double Black Label
Johnnie Walker Green Label
Johnnie Walker Gold Label Reserve
Johnnie Walker Blue Label
Jura 10-Year
Jura Superstition
Lagavulin 16-Year
Laphroaig 10-Year
Laphroaig Select
Ledaig 10-Year
Loch Lomond Reserve
Macallan 12-Year
Macallan Double Cask
Macallan 10-Year Fine Oak
Monkey Shoulder
Oban 14-Year
Oban Little Bay
Old Parr 12-Year
Sheep Dip
Springbank 10-Year
Springbank 15-Year
Talisker 10-Year
Talisker Storm
Talisker 18-Year
Tomatin 12-Year

Bourbon, Whiskey & Rye

(ri)1 - "Rye One"
1792 Small Batch
1792 Sweet Wheat

1792 Bottled In Bond
1792 Single Barrel
1792 Aged 12 Years
1792 Full Proof
Amador Ten Barrels
Angel's Envy
Angel's Envy Rye
Baker's 7-Year
Balcones Baby Blue
Bardstown Fusion Series #8
Bardstown Origin Series
Barrell Bourbon Cask Strength
Barrell Whiskey Batch 001
Barrell Vantage
Basil Hayden Bourbon
Basil Hayden Toast
Basil Hayden 10-Year
Basil Hayden Dark Rye
Basil Hayden Malted Rye
Basil Hayden Red Wine
Basil Hayden Subtle Smoke
Belle Meade
Benchmark No. 8
Bernheim Wheat Whiskey
Bernheim Wheat Whiskey Barrel Proof
Bib & Tucker
Black Saddle 12-Year
Blade & Bow
BSB 103
Buffalo Trace
Bulleit Bourbon
Bulleit Rye
Bulleit 10-Year Bourbon
Clyde May's "Alabama" Whiskey
Clyde May's Bourbon
Clyde May's Special Reserve "Alabama" Whiskey
Colonel E.H. Taylor Small Batch Bourbon
Colonel E.H. Taylor Straight Rye
Coppercraft Bourbon
Corner Creek 10-Year
Eagle Rare 10-Year
Early Times Bonded Bourbon
Elijah Craig Small Batch Bourbon
Elijah Craig Straight Rye
Elijah Craig Toasted
Evan Williams Black Label
Evan Williams White Label Bottled In Bond
Evan Williams 1783
Evan Williams Single Barrel
Few Bourbon (Chicago)
Few Rye (Chicago)
Four Roses Bourbon
Four Roses Small Batch
Four Roses Single Barrel
George Dickel Old No. 12 Tennessee Whisky
George Dickel Tennessee Rye
Grass Widow Bourbon
Heaven Hill B-I-B
Henry McKenna Single Barrel B-I-B 10-Year
High West Bourbon
High West American Prairie Reserve
High West Double Rye
High West Rendezvous Rye
High West Barreled Manhattan
High West Campfire
Hirsch The Horizon
Hudson Bright Lights, Big Bourbon
I.W. Harper Cabernet Cask
I.W. Harper 15-Year
Infuse Spirits Bourbon
Iron Fish Maple Finish Bourbon
Iron Fish Mezcal Finish Bourbon
Jack Daniel's No. 7 Tennessee Whiskey
Jack Daniel's Gentlemen Jack
Jack Daniel's Single Barrel Tennessee Whiskey
Jack Daniel's Single Barrel Tennessee Rye
James Oliver Whiskey
Jefferson's Very Small Batch
Jefferson's Reserve
Jefferson's Ocean Aged at Sea - Voyage 24
Jefferson's Ocean Aged at Sea - Voyage 28
Jim Beam Bourbon
Jim Beam Black
Jim Beam Bottled-In-Bond
Journeyman Buggy Whip Wheat
Journeyman Featherbone Bourbon
Journeyman Last Feather Rye
Journeyman Corsets, Whips & Whiskey
Knob Creek Small Batch Bourbon
Knob Creek Small Batch Rye
Knob Creek Single Barrel Bourbon
​Knob Creek 12-Year Bourbon
​​Knob Creek 15-Year Bourbon
Koval Single Barrel Bourbon
Larceny Bourbon
Larceny Bourbon Barrel Proof
Legent Bourbon
Lexington Bourbon
Limousin Rye
Little Book - Chapter 4: Lessons Honored
Little Book - Chapter 6: To The Finish
Lock, Stock & Barrel 13-Year Rye
Maker's Mark
Maker's Mark 101
Maker's Mark Cask Strength
Maker's 46
​Maker's 46 Private Selection: Bill Samuels Jr
​Maker's 46 Private Selection: Maker's Taste Panel
​Maker's 46 Wood Finishing Series: BRT-01
Mammoth Borrowed Time Bourbon
Masterson's 10-Year Rye
Masterson's 12-Year Canadian Wheat
Mayor Pingree Red Label Bourbon
Medley Bros. Bourbon
Mellow Corn B-I-B Corn Whiskey
Michter's Small Batch Bourbon
Michter's Single Barrel Rye
Minor Case Rye
New Riff B-I-B Bourbon
Noble Oak Double Oaked Bourbon
Oak & Eden Bourbon & Spire
Old Elk Bourbon
Old Forester 86
Old Forester Signature 100
Old Forester 1870 Bourbon
Old Forester 1897 Bourbon
Old Forester 1910 Old Fine Whiskey
Old Forester 1920 Bourbon
Old Forester Statesman Bourbon
Old Forester Rye
Old Grand-Dad B-I-B Bourbon
Old Grand-Dad 114
Old Overheat Rye
Old Potrero 18th Century Whiskey
Penelope Toasted Barrel Strength Bourbon
Rabbit Hole Cavehill Bourbon
Redemption Rye
Rittenhouse B-I-B Rye
Russell's Reserve 10-Year Bourbon
Russell's Reserve Single Barrel Bourbon
Russell's Reserve 6-Year Rye
Russell's Reserve Single Barrel Rye
Sam Houston Whiskey
Sazerac Rye
Seagram's 7 Crown
Smooth Ambler Old Scout Whiskey
Smoke Wagon Small Batch
Smoke Wagon Uncut, Unfiltered
Stagg Barrel Proof - Batch 18
Stellum Cask Strength Bourbon
Stranahan's 4-Barley Whiskey
Stranahan's Diamond Peak
Templeton 6-Year Rye
Tincup Whiskey
Town Branch Bourbon
Town Branch True Cask Bourbon
Traveller Whiskey
Traverse City Bourbon
Traverse City American Cherry Bourbon
Traverse City North Coast Rye
Traverse City Private Select Barrel Proof Bourbon
Uncle Nearest 1884 Bourbon
Very Old Barton Bourbon
Very Old Barton Bottled-In-Bond Bourbon
Wathen's Single Barrel Bourbon
Whistle Pig Piggyback 6-Year Rye
Whistle Pig 10-Year Rye
Widow Jane 10-Year Bourbon
Wild Turkey 101
Wild Turkey Rye
Wild Turkey Longbranch
Wild Turkey Rare Breed Bourbon
​Wild Turkey Rare Breed Rye
​Wild Turkey Kentucky Spirit Bourbon
Wilderness Trail Single Barrel Bourbon
Willett Family Estate Cask Strength Rye
Willett Pot Still Bourbon
Woodford Reserve Bourbon
Woodford Reserve Rye
Woodford Reserve Wheat
Woodford Reserve Malt
Woodford Reserve Double-Oaked Bourbon
Woodford Reserve MC Oat Grain
​Woodford Reserve MC Batch Proof
Wyoming Whiskey Small Batch Bourbon
Yellow Rose Bourbon
Yellowstone Select Bourbon


Canadian Club
Canadian Club Classic 12-Year

Crown Royal
Crown Royal Northern Harvest Rye
Crown Royal Special Reserve
Crown Royal XO
Seagram's V.O. Gold 8-Year


Busker Triple Cask
Green Spot
Jameson Caskmates Stout Edition
Knappogue Castle
Redbreast 12-Year
The Sexton
Teeling Small Batch
Teeling Single Grain
Teeling Single Malt
Tullamore DEW


Mars - Iwai 45
Nikka - Coffey Grain Whisky
Ohishi - Brandy Cask Koji Rice Whisky
Ohishi - Sherry Cask Koji Rice Whisky
Suntory - Hakushu 12-Year
Suntory - Hibiki Japanese Harmony
Suntory - Toki
Suntory - Yamazaki 12-Year
Suntory - Yamazaki 18-Year

Other Parts of the World

Armoire (France)
Bastille (France)
Brenne (France)
Godawan Rich & Rounded (India)
Kavalan (Taiwan)
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